July 5, 2015

About Us

About Judge My Ride

Hunter Rounds, Jumper Rounds, Ponies, Equitation, Conformation, Dressage and Western. Show us your best!

Welcome to Judge My Ride!  We provide equestrians around the world with a unique opportunity that time, travel and economical constraints can make impossible.  A  “virtual global equestrian community,” Judge My Ride is the originator of the video evaluation concept which has exploded with our Facebook following of over 53,000 Equestrians world wide on our two Facebook pages!

Judge My Ride offers a place where equestrians can upload videos and photos from their favorite horse shows or just schooling at home, and have them critiqued and commented on by international riders, trainers and Nationally rated judges in our sport. Our goal is to bring the global equestrian community closer – in a supportive, constructive environment.

Nothing can take the place of the camaraderie of competing on the show grounds, testing the skills of horse and rider amid all those unmistakable sights and sounds.  Although “Judge My Ride” can’t take the place of a real horse show, it provides equestrians the opportunity to get feedback from the best of the best – any day of the week!

At Judge My Ride, our favorite subject, is you and your horses!  After all,  it never hurts to get a second opinion.

Judge My Ride promotes  our sport and seeks to help our participants to highlight their achievements, sell horses, tack, products, promote horse shows, clinics, and network with other equestrians.

In August of 2011 Judge My Ride added SmartPak Equine as a featured mainline sponsor!  As Smartpak introduces their loyal equestrian customer base and Facebook following of 150,000+  we will be offering monthly premium, in depth evaluation to a SmartPak customer from not one, but two of our “R” rated USEF judges or Internationally known riders!  We’ll keep our followers posted on all the latest news from SmartPak too!