June 30, 2015

What are Judges looking for in the Trillium Silver Hack Division?? Tips?

I just started showing this summer. I do jump quite a bit but I thought I would start with the Silver Hack Division this summer to get my confidence up.
In the Silver Hack Division there is the Pleasure hack, Road Hack, and Show Hack. My coach does try to explain the difference between each classes but she is new do this Hack Division (she’s a jumper and used to do the hunters a while ago), so we are learning while we go. I placed 2nd in the Pleasure hack and 4th in the Road Hack in my first show!!! and my second show I place 6th in the Pleasure and Road!! I just want to fully understand this division so I can do better next time.

A better explanation of each class and what a Judge is looking for would be great. Also any extra tips would be greatly appreciated as well :) Thank you


  1. darla flack says:

    three totally different classes! Pleasure first off is a horse that goes comfortably, willingly at walk trot canter. Then Road Hack, little more demanding, in that you do lengthened trot and hand gallop. Then Show Hack! This requires brilliance, collected and extended gaits, and normally a double bridle. So, it is difficult for a horse to compete at all these levels. I would aim for pleasure first, then Road Hack, and maybe someday Show Hack.

  2. hunter-jumperlover says:

    I agree somewhat with darla flack on yes, they are very different classes but I would not ‘aim’ for one more than another. Each horse is better at one than another! In pleasure, they are looking for a more relaxed frame with the nose poked out and very light contact and also head lower. You want a nice consistent pace and a happy horse. Basically look like a grandma could ride the horse and it looks like a ‘pleasure’. The road hack is more fast paced with a stronger trot and more power. You want to look like your horse can be ridden forever at a consistent and working pace. They tend to ask for a ‘strong’ trot which is more powerful and alittle faster than a working trot. You want more contact in this class and abit of a tighter frame than in the pleasure hack. The show hack is like a regular hunter flat class. You want a light hunter frame and light contact with a nice moving trot. They tend to look for the very flashy and ring present movers in this class! They ask for the regular hunter stuff like extension and collection at w,t,c. I would NOT say you need a double bridle for this class UNLESS your horse always goes in one and works better. It has no benefits unless your horse prefers it!

  3. Double bridles are appropriate only when horses are ridden in Dressage equipment for the Show Hack. Generally collections and extensions at each of the three gaits are asked in addition to hand gallop, halt/stand quietly, rein back and sometimes dismount/mount

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