January 30, 2015

bareback dressage (again)

mucking around with my (very fat) clydieXTB. We mainly event10715735_10204871844777124_660030110_n10668379_10204871845137133_2014464642_n

bareback dressage (again)

messing around with my (very fat) TBxClydie. We mainly event10715735_10204871844777124_660030110_n10668379_10204871845137133_2014464642_n


16.1 9 year old ClydiexTB. We mainly do eventing :) 10708314_10204831086878202_1732597034_nIMG_5427

bareback dressage

messing around with my horse today, please judge :)10644858_10204681603021199_5526685514921219217_n

water jump

please judge both of us :) 1272241_321579867987606_717716064_o

Please judge :)

16.1 tb X clydie. Sorry if the dressage photo is too dark!Capture 10565209_10204300038362321_8077907759604326572_n

please judge

16.1, 8yo TB X clydie :)1907602_10203657313574603_7733349481785279608_n1502875_10203657333735107_7194372366330290197_o 1655731_10203657334535127_7642571779641971619_o


Please judge :) 16.1, 7yo tbXClydie. We’ve mostly been focusing on trying to not let him get too overbent. The second picture is lengthened trot.59190_10201616047424225_1459177888_n995399_10201616044064141_1268521926_n

please judge

16.1, 7yo  TB X Clydie. This was the jump off in either a 90 or 1.04 round. :)BP SJ June-74R

please judge prelim xc

as;dlkfj16.1,  7yo  TB X Clydie at our first prelim event.  Please judge both of us