September 18, 2014

bareback dressage

messing around with my horse today, please judge :) 10644858_10204681603021199_5526685514921219217_n

water jump

please judge both of us :) 1272241_321579867987606_717716064_o

Please judge :)

16.1 tb X clydie. Sorry if the dressage photo is too dark!Capture 10565209_10204300038362321_8077907759604326572_n

please judge

16.1, 8yo TB X clydie :) 1907602_10203657313574603_7733349481785279608_n1502875_10203657333735107_7194372366330290197_o 1655731_10203657334535127_7642571779641971619_o


Please judge :) 16.1, 7yo tbXClydie. We’ve mostly been focusing on trying to not let him get too overbent. The second picture is lengthened trot.59190_10201616047424225_1459177888_n995399_10201616044064141_1268521926_n

please judge

16.1, 7yo  TB X Clydie. This was the jump off in either a 90 or 1.04 round. :) BP SJ June-74R

please judge prelim xc

as;dlkfj16.1,  7yo  TB X Clydie at our first prelim event.  Please judge both of us

Please judge

Me and Diesel at our first grade 2 pc event jumping into the water. He is a clydie X TB. Thank you!562399_10201024070345168_362673215_n

stud girths

I compete prelim level eventing (Australian so its a bit different than the US I think) and at a clinic the other day we were jumping around 1.10-1.20 and the instructor said my horse needed a stud girth because he was hitting himself over the bigger jumps.  At the grade we’re doing now he doesn’t hit himself because its not too difficult for him. Do you think it would be a good idea to get one now or just wait until we move up to higher levels? The photo is how he jumps now at our grade. Please judge the photo as well if that’s okay! 562399_10201024070345168_362673215_n

Please judge

404796_10200685030869393_712193143_nFirst HT on my new horse. this is a photo of a photo so thats why its a bit weird looking