July 3, 2015

Oliver grid work 2-29-14

This is Oliver, a clients 9 year old appendix gelding jumping through a grid yesterday. He only started jumping in November and has anxiety issues but is really making huge strides. This Friday he is making the trip to his first show so we will see how it goes. Any comments on myself and opinions on him would be greatly appreciated.
PS. I am trying to post from my phone so not sure if the video link will work correctly.

Jumper Show

We had a schooling jumper show today and Chad got to go out and play. We did a 3’6″ class and went clear then decided to do a puissance class. It ended up being just us :) But here was the last fence we jumped. We opted out of jumping any higher because he is 17 and hadn’t jumped in almost 5 weeks.. plus he already has a winter coat so he was getting hot and tired. Please judge both of us!
Snapshot 1 (10-5-2013 6-21 PM)

Update on Chad.

Well I figured I might as well post an update on what has happened with Chad since Rebecca Farms. Chad and I came back from the CCI* and decided to try for Intermediate at Aspen Farms in September. Well Chad wasn’t feeling so great all week leading up to the event for various reasons mostly due to late chiro work. And then it rained cats and dogs all night Thursday into Friday morning of the event. Chad has always been the type to get nervous with less than perfect footing. So when we got to warm-up in a grass arena with puddles everyone Chad was less than impressed. We made it to fence 4 before I asked for an impossible spot and he stopped. Fast forward to fence 5 which was a max corner with a long angled two-strides to a roll top and Chad no longer had any confidence in both of us. We ended up retiring there after two more stops. This horse has never stopped at an event with me and we have never not finished an event. Something was obviously wrong so we pulled blood when we got home. Long story short Chad has Cushings which we believe has been the reason behind most or all of his issues lately.
But the good news is that he will come back and this will not limit how much he can do. So after some time off we will be back and aiming for the CCI* at Twin Rivers next April.
Sorry for the essay ;) Here is a picture of me standing next to the fence we retired at(I am 5’6″ for reference).
Aspen Intermediate

Rebecca Farms cross country

This is Chad and I at fence 21B on the CCI* course at Rebecca Farms. This was at about 7:20 on the course and a VERY long two stride up a 3’6″/3’9″ up bank. We came in short to the bank so had to really push for the two stride. Please judge both of us :)
2013 Rebecca Fence 21

Rebecca Farms CCI* 2013

This is a video of Mr. Chad and I at our first FEI together. Chad was lame for most of the week so this was my first ride since Saturday… We were the first pair in the arena on Thursday afternoon. We have been working MUCH better than this recently but I figured I would post it anyway. I am not entirely sure this video will allow you to watch it so please let me know :) Anyway please judge.

Rebecca Farms CCI*!

This is Chad and I in the warm-up for my first CCI* cross country. This is a maxed out oxer after 5 days off due to a small abscess in his right front hoof. We went on to run a 3900m course in 7 minutes and 39 seconds in the middle of the Montana afternoon heat. Please judge both of us!2013 Rebecca XC Warm-up

Whidbey Dressage 2013

Hi Karen! This is Mr. Chad and I running Prelim test C. We scored a 38.3 in eventing scoring which would be a 61.7%. I think this is just before the left leg-yield. Please judge both of us! :)Whidbey Dressage 2013

Inavale Farms Prelim

Chad and I ran Prelim last weekend at the Inavale Farms Horse Trials in Philomath, Oregon as our third qualifier. This is over the training trakehner that we shared, I ended up riding a touch defensively because he has been kind of cheeky which is why I am still a little back in the saddle. Please judge both of us! BTW we hit 105 that weekend and most of our rides were in 90 degree heat.

Cross Country Cool Out

So I am taking my gelding Mr. Chad to the Rebecca Farms CCI* in about 3 weeks. But I was wondering if you guys had any tips or advice for cross country cool out. I have done several FEI’s as a groom and am working closely with an FEI vet here on the island(Whidbey Island, WA) but kind of wanted to hear what experiences you all had with cool outs.
And at our last event at Inavale Farms we ran our Prelim cross country in 95 degree heat with Chad coming off course at a temp of 102.4. We ran super slow(24.4 time penalties) but the course seemed to be kind of hard to make time anyway. In your experience what is normal for a Prelim/* horse to come off cross country at? We never really worried about his temp before now so I am not sure what normal is for him.
PS I get to watch Mr. Medicott run the CIC*** with Philip Dutton!! :D So excited!

XC Schooling

This is Chad and I schooling at NWEC last week. This is the Intermediate water line that is a drop, three or four strides to an up bank, one stride to another drop, to another up bank and then bending line to a skinny. Here is the second drop. I know I should have slipped my reins just a touch more and my leg is too far back but otherwise all comments are welcome.
NWEC Int water