May 24, 2015

Please Judge Us

This was my first time riding since January and only my fourth time ever riding this horse. I know my leg slipped back, what are some exercises I can do at home to fix this since my ride time is currently limited.

Please Judge Rowdy


This is not me riding but feel free to judge the rider as well. Please judge the horse, Rowdy, he is jumping 2’9″ here. He is a horse I’m currently riding for his owner while she is busy with work and school. We are wondering if you think he’d be a suitable hunter horse. I do have other pictures and will soon have videos available. Thank you. You can click the picture to make it bigger.


First time in the Jumpers

Hello, this is my pony GemN’I, we typically show in Hunters and some EQ. I had the chance to take her to a schooling show and do the jumpers with her. Well, both of us loved it and we’re planning on switching so some exercises to help us with those tight turns and other things would be wonderful.

I’m aware that I did get left behind on some of these jumps, this ring was so small and tight. Please judge both me and my pony. We’d love to get some advice to help us improve as we do plan on switching over to jumpers. Sorry, I’m not sure how to get the actual video to appear without you having to click on it.

I believe we ended up with a 5th place in the class. In our 2′ division we got a 6th, 5th and 3rd. (Also have videos of those)

Thank you for judging!

First Show – GemN’I

I do have permission from the photographer to use this picture. This is a 2’6 single.

Please judge my equitation and my large pony, Gem. I’m not an eq rider, well at least not on her ;) but I do try to have somewhat good equitation and I’m very proud of this.


This is us jumping a 2’9 oxer in another hunter class. Please judge both of us.

I know my release is a little long, but again I’m not an eq rider and it wasn’t an eq class. Plus, we figure it’s better to over release and let them use their head to not have enough release.


We place 5th and 6th in our 2’6 course. Then 1st, and 2nd in our 2’9 course (first time doing 2’6 and 2’9 at a show) and 2nd in the flat, winning us Reserve Champion (not pictured) for Large Pony Hunters!

Gem schooling 2’6 and 2’9



This is me and the large pony I half lease earlier this month/late last month. We plan on showing in 2’6 and 2’9 hunter pony divisions.

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 9.12.23 PM  This was over a 2’9 single, please judge both me and Gem. Do you think my body should be a little lower and closer to her chest, or is it fine?

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 9.03.56 PM Here she got a little lazy with her front legs because it was only 2’6 but please judge both of us.

Anyone Can Judge

Please judge both Gem and I! Anyone can judge, we appreciate all comments and questions!

This was Gem’s first ride in over a month due to being lame, and my first time riding in weeks because of  holiday and then being very sick. My leg slipped back a tiny bit, normally we don’t have that problem. Also, it may look like I’m turning my head a lot, but the jump is on a very strange angle off of a weird turn, but I can assure you I was looking where I was going.

Please Judge Eq

Please judge my Equitation. I know Gem doesn’t look the best, 2′ is small for her and we jumped it from a trot.

Also, it does look like my toes are turned out, but they’re not. Gem just won’t let me have any contact with her, so I have to let my lower leg ‘float’ around or she throw fits and it’s rather annoying.

I do believe that my bareback eq is much better than me eq with tack. I didn’t arch my back or over release.


Side video, optional to watch.

Gem Bareback Please Judge My Eq

I’m not quite sure what happened, except that she was cantering and I asked her to transition to a trot when her front legs were ‘stuck’ underneath her, so her chest was ahead of her legs and her legs were super far under her. So she gave me this odd hop to save our bum’s from eating dirt and this was the result.

Gem N’ I – First 2’3 Show

This was our second course at our first show where we would be doing 2’3. I actually haven’t ever taken her around a 2’3 course before.

Please feel free to judge both me and Gem, anyone can judge, but realize that due to medical reasons, I can not physically get my heels down. I do stretches, but due to having short muscles, I can’t put my heels down, so I tend to ride with my leg really far forward so I feel more stable. I am working on fixing this, but I am certainly not an Equitation rider.

I know we chipped on that brush line pretty bad, plus we were doing horse strides instead of pony strides since Gem decided to be a speed demon. We did place 2nd in this class and I can’t wait until next month for our next show.

Please Judge Us – Open To Anyone



Please feel free to judge both of us, anyone can judge. This was our first time jumping in over a month and one of our first times cantering jumps. I had just come back from an injury (possibly fracture back) so my posture isn’t the best. In the second picture, it seems like I got left behind, but I think I just unfolded too quickly. I have a ton of other pictures from different angle, so if you would like more, please let me know.