July 2, 2015

Need different ideas!!

image       I have a young gelding turning 4 in April, he is a Standardbred Mustang, stands 17.2hh. He is a genius! Has mastered everything I throw at him! Now I’m running out of ideas!! I want to teach him more but I don’t want to ride him to death as a 4 year old. Any ideas are appreciated!! Any show names are appreciated too! He is funny, brilliant, troublemaker, sweetie, gentle giant, goodball, ect ect! he is a Fergus (the horse comic)

PS: I posted wanting ideas when he was 3 and also asked how tall he would mature, he was 16.3hh as a 3 year old and everyone thought he would only reach 17hh at the most….well he has defied everyone and reached 17.2hh and seems to be still growing! The crazy part is his dam is a registered Standardbred who stands 15hh, and his sire is a Alberta Wild Mustang who stands 15.3hh….where he got his height???? No one knows!!!!!!

Show name suggestions!?

I’m looking for show names for my gelding! I plan on showing in english (jumper/ eventing/ dressage)  He is a Standardbred X Clydesdale/ Mustang, stands just shy of 17hh, and he is 3 years old.

He is super curious and incredibly smart. He is always into trouble untying himself and others, opening things, ect. He is super sweet, cuddle bug, annoying sometimes, curious, he is such an amazing mover. I can’t really think of other characteristics.

His barn name is River, He came to me with that name and he knows his name so I did not change it.  Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks in Advance!!



I have 4 questions!! Young horse? Height? Name? Tricks?

My boy is a Standardbred X Clydesdale/ Mustang. He is currently 16.3hh and turning 3 in mid April.

Question #1: I’ve heard so many different opinions on when to start a young horse….what do I believe? How do I know what’s best?

Question #2: I’ve never owned a cross like this and so I wonder what height he will mature at…I did a “trick” to find out aprrox. how tall he will be (measuring from hairline on hoof to middle of knee) and according to it he should mature at 18.2hh. You think this is accurate?

Question #3: I need a show name for him…I call him River. The show name doesn’t need to have River in it, but any idea is cool. He is a big boy, total sweetie, super duper smart and is quite the character.

Question #4: He is super smart! Like he gets out of anything I put him in, he unties himself (and others!), he took off his winter blanket without undoing anything! I am going to start riding him this year but I also want to do other things with him like teach him tricks! Any suggestions or ideas? When all the snow is gone I want to start teaching him right away!

Thanks in Advance!


Please judge Me!

I have never had lessons before, just grew up riding and loving horses. I am hoping for some good comments on how I am doing with my jumping.  The pictures were taken 2 years ago, but they are the newest jump picture I have. I know the one is hard to see detail but its a movie still. Yes I know that what I am jumping is not safe, they are knock able  but they are still concrete….I realize that, but not at the time, so please do not comment on how I need to be safe about jumping things.  Please, anyone judge on what you can :) No rude comments please.