July 4, 2015

Please Judge!


Schooling Summer

Hello! this is my mare Summer and I.  I have recently gotten back into riding lessons with a new trainer. I have just been doing flat lessons, and I have wanted to take up dressage for a while now. do you think dressage would be suitable for my mare?

Please judge my new boy!

casper 1casper 2this is my new baby casper! he is a friesian x egyptian arabian, and he is four months old. im just wondering what you think of him and what discipline he will be best suited for. i am planning on making him an all around horse. thanks in advance!

Please Judge!

Screenshot (11)this is my QH pony Summer Breeze. she has shown in the hunters and has gone up to the 1.10 jumpers. we have recently just got back into jumping again after switching trainers. thank you for judging :)

please judge summer and I

sum sumthis is my 14.1 hh QH mare Summer Breeze. we have recently moved into western from english. Summer has done cutting, barrels, poles, cross country schooling (table tops and such) , and show jumping. she really is my super pony <3 if you have any suggestions on developing a deeper seat that would be amazing! thanks!

sticking in the saddle

I am switching to western from English and in having a hard time sticking in the saddle. any suggestions on how to sit my pony’s uncomfortable trot and lope?

please help!

I have had some bad falls in my past, and I have really been letting it get to me lately. I am going to Brandon Manitoba and the lowest height starts at 3 foot. I showed in the 3 foots last year and had some nerves, which caused some issues, but I worked through it and completed courses. I just need some help with getting over my so called “Vietnam flashbacks”. I trust my horse, just not myself! any tips on helping to makes those fears go away?

please judge us :)

this was last year at my first show with summer. the height was 2’6 and now we are jumping 3′ to 3’6. I call her my grand prix pony.313635_161856647239623_405864127_n I love her so much :D

leaning up the neck

i have a really bad habit of leaning up the neck. its been getting so bad that i fell off 3 times at my last horse show. and if i do go over the jump, i lay on my horses neck, and its really unattractive. im working on it with my trainer, but i would really like another opinion.

hello dirt, its been a while.

please judge meg and doctor socks (this was megs very first jumper class!)