July 2, 2015

Landon 6/27/15

I just wanted to share with you the progress that I have made with Landon so far! At this point, it’s time to get down to business and form a game plan for showing in the Winter season:)

ISO: 17.5″-19″ saddle to fit a 6’0″ junior jumper rider

ISO: High quality brand saddle, such as but not limited to, CWD/Antares/Devoucoux/County/Voltaire

– 17.5″-19″ seat
– jumping/close contact/cross country style
– able to be taken on full paid trial
– no major repairs necessary
– must be secure enough for low juniors and must fit a 6’0″ rider with 24″ hip to knee

I would like to stay under $2000

(Email is makenabement@gmail.com)

Landon and Me from last week – critique?

I haven’t posted in a little while because I have really been working on the little things with Landon. My trainer has a base in dressage, and even though my goal is Low Juniors, she is supporting that through proper flat work. Please critique me and him:) I was working on engagement in the hind, a light seat, and good posture in this lesson. The canter photo was going away from a jump, and I am still adjusting to Landon’s forward pace.




Actual Jumping (10/5/14 Landon)

A few weeks ago, you had asked for a jumping video of me and Landon, which I was able to get this time around. It was my fifth time jumping him, and I know I have a million miles of room to improve. It is getting easier for me to trust him and let go of his mouth to slow down, which is the opposite of what my brain is telling me to do (pull harder). I used to ride a jumper who would drop his shoulder around the corner and drift in, and I would pull one rein more than the other to “fix” that, although I realize now, since my trainer is pointing it out to me, I wasn’t really fixing anything, just creating a bad habit for the horse and me. My self assessment is I have to lean back, not continuously hold on the reins and trust Landon, and have an even pressure on both reins. The first line was a six and the second was a five.

9/28/14 Landon Trotting

Sunday morning I had a very productive lesson on Landon, whom my long term goal is to do 3’6″ jumpers with, and hopefully higher, in Wellington. We worked on contact in the bit, being engaged through the hind end, and bending/straightness. I also worked on maintaining my posture and not laying my hands on his neck. The 2-point/posting exercise was especially tricky because Landon is very reactive to body position and hand movement as he is 100% jumper, and the first time I did the exercise I almost could not complete it, so… Please judge, and any advice is welcome. I placed this in the dressage folder because good flatwork is the foundation for good jumping:)


Major 9/20/14

Today I rode Major for my lesson because Landon’s shoes were loose due to the rain and mud ( I didn’t want to risk an injury from him ripping off a shoe). Major is almost the complete opposite of Landon, but I enjoyed the ride. Please judge:)


1741408_267458806777495_434938077_n (1)

Landon 9/13/14 Go Pro Jumping

I jumped Landon 2’3″ to 2’6″ this morning. I didn’t get any “from the ground” videos of myself jumping, but I did get two Go Pro videos. Landon is very enthusiastic about jumping and I just have to get used to his style. Mr. Gage, you were interested to see videos of me jumping Landon, so here you go. You do not have to critique



Landon at Palm City Equestrian

It has been a little while since I posted on here, but I rode a new horse saturday named Landon (have switched barns since last post). He is a 17hh forward warmblood jumper who does 4’3″+ with his owner; hopefully I will continue riding him and eventually show him in the jumpers. He is one of the most difficult horses I have ridden, in regards to the technicality of riding him. He is very sensitive to leg, and requires almost none of it. I would describe him as a very “light” ride. Any critique is welcome!

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Any comments are greatly appreciated

ADVICE!!! Any tips/advice/how to’s for going about approaching companies for a competitive sponsorship? I found a very nice horse for lease who I would train for the jumper ring at WEF, but he is slightly out of my price range and I don’t want to make my parents absorb the extra cost. Thank you in advance!!!

6/7/14 Zimba


Please judge Zimba and me. Zimba is a four year old American warmblood gelding; he is the biggest teddy bear at my barn! He has the best trot of any horse I have ridden… ever. He goes better on a loose rein and because of his bit, I found I had to keep my hands lower than normal. Critique on me and him is appreciated; I am 6’1″, so do you have any tips on taller riders getting their heels down? I try, but my legs are so long, my ankle rolls out when I attempt to straighten my feet…