July 4, 2015

Jumping 3’6 & 3’9

This video is from March 2012 and was the first time I had ever jumped this height (we did an entire course).

Please critique rider’s position! And don’t be afraid to be picky


My plan to becoming an international show jumper?????

Hi there! Any opinions, comments, advice, stories, etc. would be greatly appreciated! I am a grade 11 high school student that is currently obtaining my Equine Canada riding levels and coaching certifications. My goal is to compete internationally in showjumping…. to follow in the footsteps of Eric Lamaze, Beezie Madden, Richard Spooner, Ian Millar, Richard Fellers, etc. (the list goes on forever) but I can’t afford the direct route of buying a 100 000 $ horse and going to every competition in Canada. Therefore, I plan on going to university to become a dental hygienist to provide a hefty financial source to allow me to afford all the necessities that go along with horses. I will do anything to have a successful career in the horse industry! I want it more that anything! Can anyone tell me if my plan sounds like  it has the potential to get me to where I want to be? Thank you so much for your time! :)

Working student?????

Hi there, I was just wondering about what it’s like to be a working student? How exactly does it give you a foot in the door of the horse world (other than providing knowledge and experience)? Do you advise going to university to get a backup career before becoming a working student? Feel free to give you opinions, thoughts, stories, advice, etc! Anyone can reply, Thanks so much for your time! :)

Please critique rider’s position! :)

Hi there, please feel free to critique anything and everything! :) Thanks so much!

Please judge! :)

Hi there, these are frame to frame shots of my coach’s 10 year old Hanoverian, Flurry, and I jumping over a 1.10m vertical…. we came in with a VERY short distance (my fault entirely). Please feel free to critique rider’s position as well as the horse and please be as harsh and critical as possible! Thanks so much.

Please critique! 1.10m

Hi there, this is my coach’s 10 year old Hanoverian gelding, Flurry, and I jumping 1.10m. He had refused this jump multiple times due to me over bending him (this was a rollback jump). We came in with a fairly long distance. Please critique rider’s position as well as horse! Thanks so much! :)