July 5, 2015

Levi and I

732013 238

Levi and I

Please judge us! :)732013 238

Me and Levi Again…

I know I’m too far forward in this picture… but PLEASE judge Levi! :)levi number 3 for judge my ridedite

Preparing for Show Season 2013!

Levi and I are planning on starting back up in the show ring this year!  I am thinking about doing both Eq and hunter!   How do we look? What can i improve from this photo to help with shows coming up?


me and levi for judge my ride

Me and I’m CN Blue

This is me and my trainers horse, Blue. He hasn’t ben jumped in a while and I haven’t ridden him in 4 years.  He is very quick to the fences so thats the reason I didn’t give him a big release.  Can you judge my Eq? Thanks! :)ME AND BLUE

Landing Contest

Landing Contest Entry #2Landing 2

Landing Contest

Here is my entry for the landing contestlanding

Worst Show Day??? (part 2)

Fall 2: I ruined my shoulder, but still managed to get back on the pony and kick his butt into gear! After many falls that year we finished 8th in the state for Pony Equitation! :) This was 4 years ago!

Worst Show Day???

  1. Fall 1: I landed on the corner of the flower box and ruined my tailbone! But I got back on! :)









Judge My Eq…

I was preparing for a tight 2 stride roll-back so i changed Levi’s lead in midair… how do I looki? I might add the roll-back was PERFECT! haha