July 1, 2015

IEA Regionals Flat

Hello! This is my JV Novice flat class at IEA Regionals . My team qualified for zones, so I will be flatting there! I was wondering if you had any tips on my position- I pinned 3rd out of 3 in this class and would like to know how I can improve. Also, I drew this horse for this specific class (he is not mine), so please just judge me! Thank you for your input!

Also, please DO NOT post to social media! Thanks!

Please judge eq! (Please-NO Social Media)

Hello! These pictures are from my lesson a few days ago. (If you click on the pictures, they get bigger).  Could you please judge my eq? (The pony is a lesson pony and is not mine.) Thanks!





Question about the Counter Canter

Hello! I have been watching the Pessoa Medal finals on Youtube reently and I have one question about the work-off. I know that they were supposed to counter canter after a fence, but each of them did it differently. Some walked to get it, some did a flying change, and some landed it.

So I was wondering, which way would be the best way to get the counter canter? Thanks!

Shampoo Problems

Hello! I have a question about shampoo that stays in a horses coat.

Whenever I bathe my (lease) horse, I try to make sure that all the shampoo comes out of his coat. However, sometimes when I hose him off after riding him, I notice some shampoo suds coming out of his coat. I know that it can’t be good for him!

Is there any way that I can make sure that I get all of the shampoo out of his coat? Thanks!

Saddle Pad and Saddle Question

Hello everyone! I have two questions!

1) I have a shaped white show pad and I use it a lot. I noticed that at the bottom of it, there is a smallish section that has become grey and matted. I have tried washing it, but it hasn’t gone away. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

2) Whenever I ride in my tall boots (or anyone else rides in my saddle wearing their tall boots) my saddle gets scratched up. I’m not really sure why it does this, since it does scratch when I ride in half chaps. Does anyone know how to prevent this or how to get the scratches off easily?

Thanks everyone!

Ncel Finale

Hello! This past weekend was my Ncel finale. Usually Ncel is just like IHSA(except it’s for high school students), but for the final show, we are allowed to bring our own lesson horses. This was my 6 jump course. I placed 3rd out of 24!!! I know that he switched his lead before the 2nd jump and I know that I am leaning too much on his neck. Any more suggestions? Thanks!

(And please judge my eq only, since Smooch is a lesson horse)

Ncel Show, Lacey

Hello! This was from an ncel show earlier today. I drew this pony and have never ridden her before. We had to halt after fence 1 and trot fence 2. Please judge just my eq, because Lacey isn’t mine!

(I think I might have cross cantered after fence 4)

Varsity Show

This was at a Varsity show earlier today. I rode this horse named Digger, and he was a catch ride. Horses aren’t judged since they are school horses. Can you please judge my eq? Thanks! (The first picture is me cantering and the second one is a sitting trot).



(If you click on the pictures, they should get bigger)

NCEL Show on Bob

Hi! This was at an ncel show, which is like ihsa, except it’s for middle school and high school students. I drew Bob (since this is my barn, I have ridden him before). I liked my course, but I didn’t like the bad canter transition in the beginning!
(Also, simple changes are allowed.)

Please judge my eq! And please don’t judge Bob, since he is a lesson horse.


Varsity Show with Boomer

Hello! Could you please judge my eq?

I know I cross-cantered, but at least I fixed it! Also, I know that I chipped into the 4th jump!

Please just judge me, because Boomer is a lesson horse. (: