July 5, 2015

Side of foot going numb (for anyone)


I just have a quick question for anyone with an answer.  When I ride and really try to get my heel down and my foot straight (not allowing my toes to stick out to the side) the outside of my foot (pinky toe area) goes a little numb and very uncomfortable.  This happens to both feet.  When I just ride normal and don’t focus on getting my heels down, this doesn’t happen.  Is it something I might be doing wrong or could it be the stirrups?  I just ride in regular peacock stirrups.  I also ride with somewhat long irons since I don’t jump very much, I mostly do flat work.  And this happens whether or not I ride with long irons.  Any input would be appreciated, thanks!!


Update for Karen

Hi Karen

Not sure if you remember, but I asked you a question about a week ago on how to get a smoother trot to canter transition with my mare (she’d toss her head up when I asked for the canter).  You suggested I give her more freedom on the inside and a few other comments as well.  Well, I did as you suggested, and waalaa!  Smoother transition!  I only get to ride her once a week due to having a 10 month old baby and a full time job…so it took me a little while to try out your suggestions.  Now I’m noticing that she is picking up her left lead very effortlessly but is a bit more stiff when picking up her right lead, like she braces herself.  Her right side is her hard side too, so I’m thinking maybe that has something to do with it and the fact she’s only being ridden once a week and may need to be more supple to pick it up easier.  What do you think?  Anyway, thanks so much for your help :)

Question for Karen

Hi Karen

I have a couple of questions for you.  I have a 15.2hh TB mare and I was wondering how far apart I should put the trot poles in order for her to extend her trot?  My other question is this:  when she goes into a canter, she tosses her head up and acts annoyed, then when she breaks into a canter, it’s lovely and she’s fine.  She is a sensitive type, you barely need to squeeze your legs to get her to move, and I’m wondering if when I squeeze her to canter, she doesn’t like it.  How else should I ask her to canter, do you have any suggestions?  I don’t think she’d like me kicking her…and she’s fine from the walk to trot transition (about 90% of the time).


Please judge conformation


Luna, 9yo TB mare.  Please judge her conformation.  Thanks!

Flat work Contest

This is Luna and me at our first show!  She is an 8yo TB mare and a very sweet girl :)


Golden Oldie Contest

This is Beau, a 28 year young paint (don’t really know his breeding, but he is gaited).  He is an energizer bunny and still goes faster than the youngins!  He’s blind in his left eye, but that has never affected his jumping :)  His name suits him perfectly and he is quite a gentleman!  Once I fell off him and landed underneath him and he was stepping on my shirt, and he didn’t move a muscle until someone came over to us to get him.  Such a sweet old guy.  He was also raced in his younger days (and he won too!)

Sore back horse after chiro adjustment

Hi, I have a question for anyone to answer.  I have a TB mare who has been bucking at the canter (she lunges fine at the canter and even lunges over jumps at the canter).  Her saddle fits and I’ve had 2 vets check her out.  One was specialized in chiro adjustments & acupuncture.  The only thing he found wrong with her was she was short strided after he flexed her right hind leg.  So he did an adjustment & acupuncture (on her hindquarters).  The next day she came up sore in her back (you can squeeze around her back bone behind the withers and she really flinches).  Is this normal after a chiro adjustment??  Has anyone experienced anything like this?  Thanks so much.

Posting trot on Kate

Kate, 18yo 13.3hh ArabX mare.  Please judge pony and rider, thanks!