June 29, 2015

Me and Jack 6/23/13

This is me riding my friends horse jack, he does not fully know lead changes yet. please judge and give some good advice thank you (:


This is my 11 year old OTTB. This was his first time out in the snow this year and he just loved it! i love this photo so i just thought i would share it!!


Tick Bites..

I have a ten year old tb…i found a tick on him today..its was the kind that carry lime it was the smaller kind..i found it while i was brushing his neck when i felt a huge bump the size of a grooming brush.. we got the tick out head and all but it really hurt him while we pulled it out. i felt it after and there was alot of heat in it..i tryed icing it and it didnt help at all…what should i do?? thank you!

savannah and i hunter derby <3

This me and my horse savannah…this is the last show i was ding on her so i wanted it to be fun…we didn’t place in the derby but there we alot of horses and she was such a good girl. she had never done a derby before and she jumped up the stone bank like a pro! she also jumped down a like 2 foot cliff without a care in the world! She is such an amazing horse with so much talent in that little heart of hers! please judge both f us! thanks (:

2’6 eq/hunter

i forget if it was a eq or hunter class so please judge both (: thanks

My bestfriend forever and always <3

This is my old horse freeze he was the most amazing horse that a grill could have asked for. He taught me so much and I will never be able to repay him… I bought him as a horse to get my confidence up in after loosing it on my first horse and he ended up doing that and much more. I only had him for 2 years but he will be in my heart forever <3 he will always bd my bestfriend no matter were he is and he will be that one horse that will truly be in my heart forever. We had a trust like no other and I will never have that with another horse... I lovd you freeze forever and always... I miss you but no worrys see will meet again <3

savannah 2’6 hunters 8/1/12

this is me and savannah in our 2’6 hunter round! we got 2nd!! please judge horse and rider (:

sealed with a kiss 2’6

This is me and my 10 yr old tb savannah doing a 2’6 eq course please judge horse and rider!

In need of a 2’3 hunter

i am looking for a 2’3 hunter for my friend. she has some confidence issues as the horse she has now is horrible at shows and always tries to get her off. Were looking in zone 1 and needs to be able to jump 2’3 with room o spare she is around 5’2 so around 16 hands would be perfect! she doesn’t have a lot of money to spend so no higher the 3500 please! thanks

i have a couple questions about the behavior of my horse.

I have a 10 yr old tb she does not have a tatoo but my trainer thinks she might have been trained on the track
1st Question: Savannah sleeps every were…when we stop walking within 2 minutes of standing she is falling asleep or we will be in a lesson and we will finish a course and stand for a minute while someone else goes and she falls asleep. should i be concerned at all?

2nd Question: I took Savannah to a 5 day show last week and they have big white tents with stalls inside. The have the bars in the front and the full walls on the other 3 sides. The first night she started pacing so bad that she dug a 2 foot hole in her stall(it was just grass they didn’t have matts) so i filled the hole in and her and this gelding next to her love each other so we switched out the solid wall for an extra bar one thinking it would help but she did the same exact thing that night too..but then we brought her to a stable a little bit away and she was totally fine …do you have any idea what it could be?