July 2, 2015

Better Show Jumping Times

I would really like to improve my show jumping times. Now that I’m moving up a level I feel my times are too slow compared to everyone else. My ottb definitely has better speed than turns but still can do turns. Any tips on getting better times?

Lead Changes

I have a problem with my OTTB’s flying lead changes from the right lead to left lead. He will get the change in the front but not the back. Left lead to right he will get front and back. How do I help him get the back?

Gaining Muscle Back

I have been off from riding for about a month and half recovering from a major jaw surgery. I just got the okay to start flat work two days ago. I have been taking it very easy just walking and some trotting. But I have noticed that a LOT of my muscle is gone, especially my leg muscles. Any tips on how to get back in shape with my muscle and not getting so tiered quickly?

Schooling an Oxer

This is just a schooling picture from my recent lesson with my trainer over an oxer. Can you please judge what you can see of me and my OTTB Dolce. I’ve noticed my back tends to round, my leg slips back and my heels could be better. What do you think?

6.7.13 Lesson #2



Show Nerves

I have my first A show of the year coming up next week at ledges. Sometimee I get really nervous and my TB feeds off it really bad. Either starts spooking or nervous behavior. How can I control my nerves to prevent my TB from feeding off it?

Bright Colors in the Jumper Ring

Quite often I’ve seen riders wear bright, neon colors like royal blue, red, lime green, orange, pink, bright yellow polos in the jumper ring at a rated show. I know its jumpers but my trainer has always wanted me to wear colors like black, white, hunter green, navy, baby blue. What do judges think when they see riders in these bright colors? What looks better and is preferred?

Legal Bit

Is a 3 ring snaffle elevator bit legal in the equitation ring at a B show?

Hunter/Eq to Jumpers

I have been showing the hunters and eq for 9 years on the A circuit. But I got a new OTTB that I fell in love with hoping to turn him into a hunter. Ive been trying for a while now and he HATES the hunters. If I wanted to take him into the hunters I would have to put a HARSH bit on him, a martingale to make him do it. So obviously I dont wanna force him to do it if thats not what he wants. I love him too much to sell him so I decided to start the jumpers now. I will definely start at a few schooling shows first to build my confidence with it and learn it. But I have never ridden in the jumpers before. What all do I need to know about the jumpers? What should I work on with my horse to prepare him for it? How should I prepare myself for it?

Respecting the Leg

I have a TB who is really dull to my leg aids. He sometimes chooses to ignore my leg when i tell him to move off it or sometimes to even go forward. Lateral work is our worse enemy its always a battle to get him to respect my leg. What should i try?


I just got a new charles owen AYR8. I know theres a deodorizer/cleaner for the inside of the helmet. But what about the outside? Wuat can i use to clean the outside? I keep it in a case but when im riding it gets dirty.