July 6, 2015

After my round

Fair 2013I haven’t posted in like over a year. This was my eleven year old appaloosa’s first time at the county fair this August. This was after our round. You can see me smiling. I was proud of our round. Unfortunately, we didn’t place in any of our classes. Which was a disappointment.  Even my trainer said we should’ve placed in all of our classes. Anyhow, what do you think?


He chipped in to this outside line and I landed on his neck. He still went on to the next jump and jumped it with me still on his neck. I hit my head so hard on him, I ended up with a concussion


Northern Lights

This is my new horse, Ronnie. He’s a unique looking Appaloosa :) Is there anything I need to improve on other than my reins being kind of long? We were trotting


My Boy <3

Cods was my first horse. He was my bribe home from college threee years ago. he was my pride and joy. He was 16 when we bought him and  I was 18. He acted more like a 6 year old. Nice on the flat alone but a brat in the ring with other horses. He was extremely tough over fences. We bought him as a hunter, which is what I showed him in the first year. But he was more suited as a jumper. When I would be at the barn and i would feel a meltdown, I’d go into Cods stall and sit and start sobing. Cods would lay down next to me and put his head in my lap, as if to say everything will be ok, mom. Growing out of him was the hardest thing I ever had to go through. I miss him every single day.







Yould never believe he was a 18 year old in the jumper ring

I miss him more and more each day. Please judge also. I like this pic too


Cods is definatly more of a jumper than a hunter

My absolute favorite pics of us in the jumper ring. Please judge


Another hunter pic

This is the first jump in the line that I was praying I’d survive :p Please judge

Cods in hunters

Since I have no good pics of me and Dolly, I’m putting up some pictures of me and Cods at our last show together last year. I really can’t remember if I already put them in…… lol. This is us in our 2’6 hunter class. If you can’t tell by my face, I was pretty much praying that I survived this line. I don’t have him anymore. He’s in a kimberwick, I know a lot of people don’t like the bit because its harsh. Please don’t comment on the bit, I’ve pretty much heard it all before :p Would like to stress he’s not mine anymore :( But judge if you like, both horse and rider

Dolly <3

Dolly and I the day we shipped for my first combined show :) We were second in our division! This was the day before the show. I love her to death and the judge actually thought she was mine :)



Nice hunter

I’m looking for a nice hunter that jumps 2’6 with the ability to go higher to buy/lease with the option to buy in the western new York area. Must be 16-16.3 hands. Price range $3,000-$4,000