June 30, 2015


Yeah.. not my finest moment. Notice how the horse and I both have our eyes closed… whoops! Mind you this is 4 years ago!

Why I’m Thankful…

I am beyond thankful for my trainer, barn, lease horse, and horses in general.

I was diagnosed with panic disorder, an extremely hindering anxiety disorder, in 2nd grade. I would have huge panic attacks almost every day and doing something as simple as getting on the school bus was so difficult for me. I started trying different medications and therapies to help me. This was the year I started riding horses. I can honestly say that horses saved me. Paired with medication, riding horses helped me relax and begin to do things normal kids did. My anxiety did not go away by any means, but horses helped.

Last September I moved away from home to go to college. I chose my school because they had an equestrian team, even though I am an eventer not a hunter rider. I took some lessons with the coach but I just was not into the hunter style. When I got to school, my anxiety went through the roof. My mom and dad drove up almost every day because I would have panic attacks almost all day long. It got so bad that we started to meet with people about dropping out. I loved the school, but my anxiety was the worst it had ever been. Then one day, I googled barns near my school, and found Pine Tree Equestrian Center. I decided to drive over and see it.

I immediately fell in love with the barn. It is an eventing barn, which made me so much more comfortable. After pulling some strings in order to get my car on campus, I started taking lessons. I rode a horse named Dory and immediately fell in love. She is a 19 year old Sweedish Warmblood mare.

           this is a picture of my first time on her.

I started leasing her the end of the month and have leased her ever since. I honestly can say if I had not found this barn, and this horse, I would not be in college right now. I would have dropped out and I would have been miserable. My trainer is so understanding and sweet and would do anything for me. She helped me work through my anxiety and then worked with me towards getting my MA instructors license  Now I am LOVING school, and never want to go home! It is incredible to think about where I was last year and where I am now!  This barn has also taught me so much and my riding has gotten so much better! I am so thankful for finding this horse. We have a bond like no other. She saved me. I cannot describe to you all how lucky I am to have found her.

I look gross, but she loves me :)


My 20 year old mare is VERY strong on my hands, and i’m trying to find a bit i like with her. We started in an eggbutt last year, but she would just yank me right out with that. Then we attempted a french link snaffle with a crank noseband but she would be really heavy and flip her head. She has the ability to be light, but im just looking for a bit that will help us a little more!

I am asking the JMR community for help!

I just heard some dreadful news. I worked at The Bridge Center, a non-profit therapeutic riding facility this past summer and have volunteered there for countless years. Tragedy struck when there was a horrible break in this weekend. Copper piping, electrical wiring, and other important things were stolen. Bathrooms were destroyed. Accommodations had to be made in order to even give the horses water. The Bridge Center helps so many people with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in excellent riding opportunities. Although this happened, The Bridge Center kept working, not canceling lessons so that students could ride!!  I hope to reach out to the JMR community asking for help if anyone can offer a donation, even just a dollar or two, to help The Bridge Center rebuild after this awful theft.


The link above describes more about what happened and the link below is a way you can donate to help The Bridge Center.



Please tell your friends and family!!!

Hunter Pace?

Has anyone done a hunter pace? My trainer wants me to take my horse to one and I’d love anyone’s opinion on them!


Bit Question…

Hi Everyone! So I am riding a 20 year old Sweedish warmblood mare named Dory. I have been riding her for about a year. We have recently been schooling in a three ring elevator bit every other day because she is SO strong. I will be taking her to a dressage show the 30th of September and I am concerned in riding her in just an eggbutt snaffle. This will be her first time off property in a while and I don’t know how she is going to respond. Does anyone have any suggestions for bits to try that would be legal according to USEF standards?


Thanks so much!


This is the 20 year old sweedish warmblood mare that i lease. This is from the winter so its been a while, but please judge my ride!! Sorry its not the best quality its from a video!

Panda :)

this is me and Panda, a 10 year old quarter horse mare :) this horse has been with me through so much!