May 28, 2015

Critique Molson & I?



Sorry for the low quality pictures, blame the indoor arena!

This is me jumping my 12 year old Canadian horse Molson in our 2nd jumping lesson in pretty much a year. Lately I’ve been mainly working on getting him in shape and so far he’s lost around a hundred pounds and it’s showing! He’s so much more energetic now and so fun to ride. I could post comparison pictures if anyone is interested.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to get any more lessons for a month or so, so pointers would be awesome to help my horse and I out in the meantime. Exercises to help my lower leg would be really helpful, I’d love to have that improved in time for my next lesson. Thanks!


Molson, 12 yr old Canadian Horse & I



A neighbor has been letting me use his western tack, which fits my horse fairly well but doesn’t suit my seat or leg very well, but I’m sure after a while i’ll adjust to it when I choose to ride in this saddle.

I also hadn’t ridden western for years prior to this, and my gelding hadn’t been ridden western since I’d bought him 3 years ago either, though he doesn’t seem to mind at all! He was previously a ranch/cow horse and I’ve been working on making him a Dressage and Jumping horse which he does well at, but I like messing around with him and figured a ride or two here and there in the western saddle wouldn’t do an ounce of harm :)

Any feedback is welcome.

Opinions on what to pursue with my mare?


I’ll unfortunately be having to sell my beautiful 11 y/o mare, Moonbeam, of 5 years some time this year or early next year (I’m taking my time to find the best home possible, there’s no rush.) but I want to make sure that what I pursue in training her through this year will kick start her into a “career” best suited to her. She’s 15.1hh, unregistered (so APHA shows are off limits), a rescue/auction horse with no known background. She’s happy to work, under saddle and on the ground. I know she’ll do whatever I ask of her and sail over anything I put in front of her, but I just want her to reach her full potential!

What I feel like she’d do very well at is hunters or eq, she jumps nicely and smoothly and has an even gait with a great grasp of collection & impulsion (5 years of Dressage has done her good.) I don’t have a western saddle and she hasn’t been ridden western in years and years, but she does have a nice jog. Her lope is not a lope at all though, she’s got a nice english-style canter.

She’s done well at absolutely every discipline I’ve tried with her; Halter, showmanship, dressage, english pleasure (HUS), English Equitation, conformation, etc, placing or winning all of them in huge classes, though conformation is pointless now due to injuries that don’t affect her physically but have left her with mild permanent swelling in one of her knees and one of her hocks.

So back to my question, I would also like to know:

Will her colour affect her chances of doing well as a hunter or eq horse? I’ve never really done anything in those disciplines other than schooling and 4-H shows.

ALL opinions are welcome from anyone! I just realized how long this is, I’m very sorry about that, haha.


Tips for riding the walk?

Like many dressage riders, and riders alike, I’ve found the walk absolutely the most difficult gait to master. Lightening the forehand/engaging the haunches and keeping a steady rhythm is so much easier for me in the trot and the canter.

So, since I can’t get constant advice from a trainer as I don’t have one in a reasonable distance at this time….

I’d like to hear some thoughts and experiences on how to improve the walk! (This is definitely an open discussion for anyone and everyone- I encourage you to put in your 2 cents :). Maybe we can all learn something!)

Critique the rider?


This is me on my Canadian gelding, Molson. I would have him critiqued as well but he’s not exactly in shape in this photo nor is he performing at his best!  But I wouldn’t mind a critique on my position.

I apologize if the body guard makes it more difficult to assess, I just feel a lot more secure with it on and I tend to get less protective with my hands when I have it, so my horse thanks me for wearing it too! :)

Thank you!

Judge my gelding and I?

trot bby

This is Molson, registered as B & B Gandalf Leroy-Brown. He’s an 11 year old Canadian horse, schooling 1st level and we’ll be ready to show training level this year, and maybe by the fall we’ll be ready for a 1st level test.

I got a custom fit saddle a while ago as an early Christmas present, which helps a lot since he’s got an extremely wide and short back; no off the rack saddles fit him, so I’m excited to see how this will help us as we get further into our training this year. Over 2011&2012 he’s progressed a lot and this saddle should do a lot to help him get up the levels!

I know this isn’t the best picture, and I’m sorry about the snow, but this is all I have to work with right now! Please judge my horse and myself. :)

Judge me and my project horse?

Sorry about the angle this is at! Please critique my horse and I as well as you can. What exercises can I do to help him tighten his knees? He has no problem clearing jumps if I set him up right, he just gets sloppy, and I’d like to try and fix that before it becomes much of an issue if I can.

First time Cross Country for horse & rider

Can you please critique the rider only in the first photo and the horse & rider in the second one?

Click them to enlarge :)

Judge rider only?

I would get a critique on my horse, and you can critique him if you want I guess, but he’s not on his best form in this picture because he was tired and lazy with his body for the most part, so there’s no real point I’d say.

Sorry for the quality, it’s a screenshot from a video, and I’d rather not share the entire video, and it was filmed at 10pm with my mom’s phone…

I was in an All Purpose saddle, I just got a Close Contact saddle that fits me and my horse both a lot better in case it’s evident how large I am in this saddle through my position.

I can see a few things I need to fix, but I’d like a critique from people who know more than me since I’m fairly new to jumping. :)

Horse & rider please?

I know he’s super uneven with his knees. I think he must just get lazy over smaller jumps, so I posted his free jumping picture so it’s evident that he’s not a worthless piece o’ poo :)

Also, I’m wearing a body protector under my jacket, i know in some pictures it makes me look really hunched over when I might not be.