April 23, 2014

kavita.sinha 4/23/14

kavita.sinha 4-23-14

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jjessie28 4/17/14

Callie Skagen 4/9/14

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Callie Skagen 4/9/14

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schoenesgefuhl & Blue

schoenesgefuhl & Blue 3/31/2014

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Penny Brenan clinc

This is a video of a clinic with Penny Brenan that I attended last week and had a blast! We worked on an eq type course, so I wanted your opinion as well :)

Unfortunately my jumper mare was injured before the clinic, so I pulled out my large pony and did the 2’6 division. My saddle is borrowed, which is why it doesn’t fit.  Thanks!

Nora schooling 5’6 wide oxer

This is my 7yo Zangersheide mare and me schooling a 5’6 wide oxer today. I know square oxers are preferred, but since it was get first time schooling a wide oxer I didn’t want to scare her.  I also roached my back on the landing, and that’s something I’m working on.  I’m super proud and love my Nora mare!

Unloved to unbelievable in 18 weeks!


I love my Nora mare!!

Nora schooling


I know I don’t look great, I was sick today and just couldn’t get a hold of my equitation. I’ll also raise my stirrups a hole next time. This is my new jumper, Nora! She’s still pretty green, but I’m very excited about her progress!

Nora’s improvement!

forjmr noraconfo3

I just had to share the improvement on Nora! I’ve owned her for almost exactly three months now, and am super excited to see how much better she’s looking! She has a better crest than the picture shows, but I couldn’t get her to hold still enough to get a good shot- here’s a more accurate picture of her head/neck (also taken today).