May 24, 2015

111th Keswick Horse Show: Take2 Thoroughbred Division

This is my horse Forrest and I competing at the Keswick horse show last week. He’s a 16yo OTTB who I have had since 2009. We’ve been battling a couple issues with my boy, ulcers and body soreness, but we have gotten him back on track and back to competing. We have been competing at the 1.0m/Adult Low height since last year and while I am happy with the height I really want to reach the 1.10m/Adult High height later this summer and next year. My biggest issue is that I tend to lean forward or throw my body at the fence when the distance is long or “unknown” which causes us to have rails.  We do great at local shows, but at the rated ones I tend to place more pressure on myself and my bad habits tend to kick in. I’d love to hear what you think or any suggestions to work on my “habits.” Thanks in advance!

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Moved up and ended our season with Adult-Lows (1.0M)

I had a bad fall about a year ago, fracturing my ankle, but what was worse was that I couldn’t get right back on my OTTB and it impacted my confidence over fences. I spent the 2014 winter showing in the local shows at the schooling division (3′-3’6″) but it was quite a nerve racking experience. We were always in the top of our class, but the gap in my confidence was becoming more apparent that we finally had that “bad” show and had to start back at the .75m range and work my way up. I spent the summer working my way up, getting my confidence back, and filling in the gaps that Forrest’s and I’s training missed. We finally were able to attempt the Adult-low (1.0m) division at Culpeper HITS this summer and I couldn’t have been prouder of me or more Forrest. We’ve worked really hard to get where we were and I must admit that when I thought it was great I was doing the local Schooling division the jumps had nothing to compare to HITS. So this is a picture taken at our last HITS show in August doing the Adult-lows!! I have a big problem of getting ahead of Forrest costing us some rails, but I am slowly getting better…just having trouble slowing myself down! So any exercises or tips on that would be great to work on this winter! Please feel free to critique me and Forrest :)

Culpeper HITS - Adult - lows

Progressing to the 1.0m Jumpers

Forrest and I have been at the .95m for a while and recently started moving up into the 1.0m (Level 2s and Adult – Lows) at our local HITS show! We’ve made a lot of changes over the past couple of months, better saddle fit, different bit, and lots of grid work and such. But I would love to know what you think of Forrest and I. This picture was from the Thoroughbred Heritage Horse show, held at the birthplace of Secretariat The Meadow at the end of July! Thanks in advance!

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Thoroughbred Celebration Horse Show – First time doing the 1.10m Saratoga Division

So for the last two years I have had the goal to go and compete in the 1.10m division. In 2012, that goal was put on hold due to a injury that had us out for 6 months. In 2013, the goal was back on and I FINALLY got to compete in the class and for our first time out of 15 people I think we did well. We placed in our Power and Speed (5th) and the Table IIb (7th) classes. Ironically enough we were jumping better at this height than at the 0.95m height at the same show!

We are still working on a lot of things, but I would love to know your thoughts on both horse and rider on our first attempt! This is Forrest Gump my OTTB whom I have had since April 2009. He came to me in rough shape (malnourished, anemic, and all around unhealthy). I spent a year getting him healthy, a year in the hunters, and promptly swapped over to the Jumper ring in May 2011. Since then we have tried to grow! Thanks in advance!1402879_601261131211_299918984_o

Schooling the Modified Divison


This weekend we went to a local jumper show and while we competed in the Schooling division we had hoped to also try the Modified division for the first time. Unfortunately no one signed up but the show allowed us to school the courses at the height! This is our first time and it was really exciting to be jumping at this height. I had a completely (happy) different horse when we raised the fences to the 3’9-4′ height. Please let me know what you think!




Second Attempt at the Schooling Jumper Division



This is my horse Forrest Gump and I doing the the Schooling Division at one of the local shows. this is our section time this year competing in the division and we came out with a Reserve Champion. I would love a critique on both horse and rider! We were hoping to compete in the Modifieds as well, but there weren’t enough entries so the show allowed us to school at the height so we could get experience off grounds.


Thanks in Advance!


Second attempt at the Schooling Jumper Division!!

So my horse and I have been doing very well at the 2’6 and 3′ level and it was well past time to move up. My goal by the end of this year is to successfully show in a 3’6 jumper division/class. My specific goal is to participate in our last Thoroughbred Celebration Horse show in the Saratoga Division (3’7).


This past weekend we had our second attempt at the Schooling Division at the local show and it went great! We were Champion in the division with two firsts! These pictures are from that show and I would love to know what you think and any critiques or tips you may have that will help us go higher!

At home we have schooled up to 4′ and I have no fear, but it changes when I get into the show environment so it was a big deal that I could finally show in the Schooling Division with no fear!!


Please let me know what you think about both horse and rider!


First show after an equipment change

Forrest and I have been competing in the Jumper ring for about 2 years now. Our usual choices for tack included a tack noseband and a martingale. However about a month ago I swapped my “normal” bridle for a Micklem Competition Bridle and was blown away with the results in the first ride let alone a week in it. My trainer was quite surprised and impressed as well and tried it with luck on some of her horses. So for the past month I have been using this bridle and completely gone away with any type of martingale. We have been schooling 3’3-3’6 with no problems, but yesterday was our first show without one. The last time I tried to go without it did not turn out well.


I would love to know what people think of both my horse and myself. The  photos are the 3′ division. The last photo is a picture of us at home doing a 3’6 fence.


1074394_591487512621_1204077772_o 1072599_591487886871_1666913867_o



Playing with Gymnastics!

Forrest and I have been working with some gymnastics the last couple lessons with my trainer and I feel we are really starting to get somewhere. We are really trying to work on allowing and encouraging him to use himself correctly over fences and me to wait for him. Here is a picture going over a 3’3 fence! Please feel free to tell me what you think!921316_582636809501_1076484900_o913826_582636684751_1777400482_o

26 yo TB and still going strong in the hunter ring!

This is my old man, Indy, or registered name Little Bit Indian. He participated this past weekend in the 2’3 open division and ended up reserve (9th) out of 20+ horses. I must admit I started the weekend nervous about jumping him and whether he would make it or not, but he proudly proved me wrong.  I’m so proud of my old man. Here are some pictures from the weekend and a video of one of his classes! Please feel free to critique!!!

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