July 1, 2015

Europa Jumping a 2’3″ 2’6″ish course

Sorry guys not completely sure of the heights that middle oxer in the green combination may have been 2’9″? I am not sure I know that first jump in the green was 2’3″ Anyways this was Europa’s first time jumping a bunch of fillers all she has jumped at home are fake trees and a little plank I painted so she was absolutely super I was pretty chuffed with her! The refusal in the beginning was due to me being originally absolutely terrified of that line (just to clear some questions that will probably turn up we did this at a show after everything was done they let us play on the course) anyways Ropa fell at that jump on hunter day when it was set at the same height I think she just forgot to jump it so she went down on her knees and bridle came off her head anyways we jumped her after and she was good but I was still scared of that jump! So it was definitely my fault that refusal I just did not have enough confidence to ride her all the way through! Anyways please feel free to judge horse and rider! Oh and the one stride kind of failed it was set for a very big one stride and Ropa did her best to cram two in there! Oops! Ropa is now currently enjoying life as a pasture horse as next year she is due to foal a hopefully fantastic  arab sporthorse by Lando the silver medallist in individual showjumping at the 2000 Sydney Olympics!

16.1hh Arabian mare hunter/jumper?

Hello, everyone thought I would share this photo of my 16.1hh Arab mare as I am currently very confused in which direction to take her as we are embarking in our first show season over fences this year. Yes I have made some posts with this mare in the past and she is currently in foal to Lando (the silver medallist in showjumping at the Sydney Olympics in 2000). Anyways if you wanted to take a look at the photo and kind of judge what discipline you think would suit her better? Please, don’t judge me at this period of time I was really trying to get used to her jump over the bigger things as you can see she likes to overjump them a bit. I would also love to learn a bit more about the hunter long/low frame and how to acheive that if I was to take her in that direction I know this photo is awful because honestly with that release she is doing what she needs to too get over the fence but how do you guys ask for that whole knee’s around the nose thing? I find my mare really likes to jump with her neck up even now that I am more used to the jump and can release properly. She gets very upset if you give her to much rein almost as if she feels that I have completly given up supporting her.

Jumping photo:

Bond Photo:


My Saint of a QH

So this picture was back from 2008 at a local schooling show I was 13 years old and hadn’t been riding this horse for that long. He is a bit of a speed demon and well for lack of a better word I really sucked at riding jumps haha. Plus do you see that helmet? That could not be safe! Ahhh well what do they say what you can’t see can’t hurt you right?

just judge horse












here is a more recent picture of the same horse