May 23, 2015

Horse Transport


I was wondering if anyone has had any experience (Good or bad) with Brook Ledge Horse Transport? Or is there another company you would recommend? The person that was supposed to ship my horse (Circle S Horse Transport) cancelled on me last minute so I’m kind of scrambling.


Balance Question for Karen

Hi Karen,

You’ve judged pictures of me and my horse before and mentioned that I need to work on more of an uphill balance for First Level. My horse has been leased out for the school year and had some minor issues that he’s coming back from. 2 weeks before I came home he sliced his leg open and got six stitches put in, but now we’re ready to get back to some serious work. We’ve done really well at Training Level, but I’d like to start showing First Level some more, meaning I need to get him balanced less levelly and more uphill. Could you suggest some exercises to help this? I’ve done quite a bit of transition work, but he gets bored after a while and just shuts me out. Yesterday I popped him over a cross-rail or two at about 2′ and our canter work was much improved after, but I’m looking for some other things to try. I’ve done counter-canter work before, but since my leaser was riding at a different level than me, he’s gotten out of shape and more unbalanced.

We have a show coming up in a month or so and I’d like to give First 1 a shot. Also, could you give me some ideas on how to properly teach a good lengthening? He seems to think it just means race. A judge last year said she wrote galloping at the canter for my lengthenings so I’m hoping you could help with that too.

Sorry for this crazy long post, but I’m struggling on my own without a real instructor/trainer for the summer. Here’s a picture of the trot and canter from summer of last year to give you an idea of what I’m working with. I really appreciate your help and if I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m really glad you’ve joined the JMR team.



Thanks Karen

Just wanted to let Karen know that I got the copy of her book. I started reading it the next day and finished it in less that 48 hours. It was fabulous. I was expecting another training guide on dressage, but the novel format was a wonderful surprise. I really enjoyed it and I’d recommend it to any horse enthusiasts looking for a good read. It’s called  The Dressage Chronicles and definitely worth a look at.

Thanks again Karen :)

Fake Tails

So a couple months ago my horse had a bit of a battle with a salt block holder. He lost not only his dignity, but also half his tail. So now he has this dinky little tail that is slowly starting to grow back out, but we have a rated show coming up and I was wondering if fake tails were legal in dressage. I know they’re legal for Western, but I didn’t know if they were legal for USEF/USDF recognized dressage shows. If they are and someone knows a good company to get one from let me know please!


New Judge :)

I’ve posted this photo before, but I was hoping to get the opinion of the new JMR judge. This is me and my horse Berger at Ride for Life this summer in warm up. I’d mostly like him judged because I know I am looking down and leaning forward and that my elbows stick out. Since this was taken I’ve started the Equine Studies program at my University so my position has changed.


New Judge 2

Dressage Boots

I’m in the market for some new front leg protective boots for dressage work . I’m in the dressage program at the University of Findlay so I ride different horses on a semi-regualr basis so they have to be kind of one size fits all. I’m also on a budget of under  $50, perferably less. If you know any great boots I love to hear your suggestions.

Samshield Contest

Heather has already judged this, but others should fee free to judge :) I know I’m looking down, but I love this picture.  Taken at our first rated show (Ride for Life in MD)


For the New Judge :)

Welcome to JMR :) I know I’m super excited that you’re willing to volunteer your time to help us out by judging so thanks times a million.

Anyways, this is my 18 y/o OTTB that I’ve owned for 2 1/2 years now. These photos were taken from rising trot at Ride for Life in MD this year (my first ever rated show). He was simply amazing. We ended up with 6th the first day in Training 1 with a 66.07% and 2nd the next day in Training 2 with a 68%. If you could please judge both of us I’d really appreciate it. In the second photo I know I’m sitting slightly forward and I know I look down (bad habit). I’ve been really working on keeping my hands up and quiet and keeping my eyes up. It’s a work in progress. Anyways, thanks in advance for your comments. :)

Berger-Samshield Contest

So this is Berger by 18 y/o OTTB. We don’t really jump much and this was a picture from our very first event. I’m sorry that it’s blurry, it’s from a video still, I hope it can still be judged/count.


This was a shot that my friend took when we were doing pictures for Young Riders last year.



Just for Fun

I’m not looking for this picture to be judged, I just found it amusing that my eventer who’s done scary fences like benches and coups, freaks out over a couple of sticks on the ground. He was fine over all the other logs and we get to the twigs on the ground between two hay bales and he decides that it is the most horrifying jump ever. I love my horse to pieces and he really cracks me up sometimes. Again, not looking for this to be judged, it was just for my amusement. :)