July 5, 2015

Horse in Winter


This summer I got a six year old  OTTB mare from Florida. I live in Nebraska, and she is not handling the weather well. So far she is blanketed 24/7, she will be body clipped in the next week or two. But whenever I ride she is very stiff and her winter coat has barely grown at all. I’ve heard that this can be a problem with many horses who come in from warmer climates. I ordered her a back-on-track sheet to wear before and after I ride, but I was wondering if anyone has had the problem and had some solutions?


NAL high children’s classic!

This is me and the horse I’ve been riding for a while, I bought her officially yesterday, in the NAL high children’s classic at St. Louis yesterday, we went clear until the last jump, but still ended up in the ribbons! I know my position is way off in this picture, I didn’t think she would jump this big, so please just judge her! I think I could’ve given her more release. Thanks!photo (1)

High Childrens

This is me and my trainers horse, Queen of Hearts, doing the 1.10-1.15 High Childrens in St. Louis. I know my leg slipped a little! Please critique both of us :) Thanks! I bought the picture, so don’t worry about the watermark!SL575-13-028-Hess

Hunter Derby

I found more pictures from the derby at our barn, and I have the photographers permission to use them! Please judge both of us :) 1397104_528020593941400_354452725_o

Hunter Derby

This is me and my trainer’s horse Queen of Hearts, in our barn derby this year doing the 3’6 derby! I have permission to use the picture! Please judge both of us! Thanks!!1264352_10151967312992525_1867267766_o

Pony Hunters!


Hi, this is me and one of the ponies I show in the 2’3 hunter two weeks ago. It was his first show ever and I had only been riding him for a week at this point. Please judge both of us! Thanks :)1102737_502843613125765_32296516_o (2)


Lesson Night!

Hi! This is me and my trainers fox hunting/jumper horse Spencer! Please judge both of us! Thanks :) I think the oxer was 3’6 or 3’3 and the green oxer was 3′ and the vertical was 3’3. Thanks!

spencer 5spencer 4spencer 3

Joe, Pony Hunters

Hi! This is me and a pony I’ve been riding for a week at a show yesterday, we just did the 2’3 since he’s been on pasture for the previous three years! Please judge both my eq and the pony! Thanks! And I have permission from the photographer to use the picture :)1093862_10151865057492525_909491059_o

Childrens Jumper!

Hi, this is my jumper that I’ve had for almost 4 months and I jumping 3’6. Please judge her and my eq! Thanks :)536919_10200544513800919_240173657_n

Low Childrens Jumpers!

Hi, this is my horse Grenadine who I’ve had for three months on Saturday. She is super fun and I just wanted some feedback about her and my eq, this is us doing the low childrens at a local A show. Thanks!1039539_10200271706340903_943494010_o