November 28, 2014

Landon and Me from last week – critique?

I haven’t posted in a little while because I have really been working on the little things with Landon. My trainer has a base in dressage, and even though my goal is Low Juniors, she is supporting that through proper flat work. Please critique me and him:) I was working on engagement in the hind, a light seat, and good posture in this lesson. The canter photo was going away from a jump, and I am still adjusting to Landon’s forward pace.




First dressage show

Hi! This is me and my trainer’s draft cross, Cassie. This is from my first dressage show at the end of October. I’ve only been in the dressage ring since July, I’d been riding and showing in the hunters for 10 years before that. Any advice and comments would be very much appreciated! Thank you!image

Transformation post

The top picture is from the day I tried my horse. He was very underweight and lacking muscle. The bottom is almost exactly a year and a half later. He is only doing flat work while I’m away at school. I’m wondering how you think he is progressing and other things I can work on with him. image

Please Judge!


This is my mare, Aria, and I. Just looking for some outside input! Half passes are a work in progress, the right ones are getting pretty good, left is still hard. Just started the tempis, I can get the 4′s but I have trouble with the timing of the 3′s, any tips?  Also, we are stating the pirouettes, any tips on begging those? The left one is actually easier, going right she likes to run out through my left leg. Thank you so much!!

Project horse

imageHi! I’m working with a horse for a few months for somebody and I’m curious what you think of him so far. I’ve been with him for about 3 weeks now and before that he had never been consistently worked and was/is super out of shape. He’s been improving soooo so so much, and he’s a very cool horse. Super mover and an awesome work ethic, he seriously wants to please you! We’re just focusing on his flat work because he’s quite weak and even though he’s 11 he’s quite green.

Sorry for the photo quality, they’re stills from a video.


Please critique my gelding and I.

This evening was the first time I’ve ridden him in a dressage saddle since we’ve taken the past month and a half to work on stretching and relaxation. What are your thoughts? I’ve posted a video link below if you are interested in viewing it. I apologize for my position in advance – I am still very new to dressage and have only ridden in a true dressage saddle a handful of times!



Video Link:

Fritz Update

Hi, Karen! Just wanted to give you an update. Fritz and I had our last dressage show of the season this past weekend and we finally broke 60% in First Level 1! We got a 62.414% and landed in 6th place!!! I’m so happy and proud!

I recently got our saddle reflocked and that has made a world of difference. I also removed my spurs (since I’m having a problem with my toe turning out) and have been using a dressage whip instead. Fritz seems to like the whip better than spurs constantly poking him. I wonder why? ;)

Unfortunately, no photos or video from last show, but it was the best dressage show we’ve had all season! I’m super happy and proud!!!


Dressage prospect

haileys phone 035haileys phone 034haileys phone 033This is my young welsh/QH gelding called Blue, we would like to turn him into a little dressage pony and wanted your opinion. He is a very flashy mover and extremely soft in the bridle. he is a quick learner and loves to please! thankyou very much in advance

Dressage- Intro B 11/16

Hello! This is from our most recent dressage show, we won 1st place with a score of 67.18%, our highest score to date! There was a fix-a-test clinic the day before where it was much better (especially the free walk, not quite sure what happened today). The judge said that she’s a special horse and that we should move up. Please critique, thanks!


15 year old OTTB gelding changing careers

This is my 15 year Old OTTB gelding. We have done hunters for years but some arthritic changes have forced us to stop jumping. We started training dressage last summer and have received scores between 65-68% on Training level test 1. Any advice is appreciated!! Thanks!image image image image image