May 22, 2015

Please judge!

Hey JMR!

This is my 8 year old OTTB, Percy! This picture was taken a while ago, when we were still pursuing dressage and eventing, but upon realizing that he didn’t enjoy stadium jumping or cross countrt, we settled on the equitation ring! I still practice dressage because I feel like it benefits us in all aspects! What are you thoughts on this, and what should we work on?2015-05-17 21.24.29

Poderoso video

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Hi there again!
I’ve managed to upload a video of Poderoso (aka Van Gogh) from our second tryout ride. It’s pretty short but it’s got some good parts. He’s a bit low in the frame but that would be a work in progress once he’s here, obviously.
The spook happened because I went too close to my trainer who sat on the fence; Poddy was too deep in the neck so his vision was restricted and then when she moved her hand to grip the fence and he must have seen her from the corner of his eye and jumped. It was pretty funny actually. Look at my expression when it happened haha

The 2nd video is of another gorgeous horse we tried called Jubilo (aka The Unicorn) by Judio VII. He’s a 6 yr PRE stallion and has got to most gorgeous mane and tail I have ever seen!!! Unfortunately you can’t see it here because it’s braided, but his mane goes down to his chest on both sides and when it’s hanging down he looks just like a unicorn, only the horn’s missing. The reason why we chose Poderoso over him was that Poderoso was slightly older and had better basic training and was more advanced in his work, plus he had competition experience with great results and we look more harmonic overall.

So yeah, that’s basically it for now. Please judge my riding on both horses? Obviously I won’t be able to work on Jubilo but I’d like your opinion on my seat and stuff in general :)
Thanks Karen!

Our other new OTTB gelding, West Lido

Just wanted to introduce you to our other new boy! I know I’ll have lots of great things to post about him in the future, he’s 10 and been of the track for a bit over 3 years. His first career was with a hunter rider but he has too much of an engine to be a hunter, he’s just more suited to eventing! These photos are of him with his last owner since he just came home this week, but I’ll be sure to get some more soon. His first ride was today and his trot is just gorgeous, even better than the pictures! And with some chiropractic adjustments his canter is going to be amazing as well, he’s very big and uphill, but he’s been getting worked on for an out back so he’s still a little off. My trainer is in love with him, he looks exactly like her eventing mare she lost to a brain aneurism  4 years ago, and rides the same way.


lido17 I don’t have many photos of him so excuse the tiny pole!

Sylvester: Novice Derby

Hi Karen! I was curious if you can judge my horse and I in our Novice Test A. This was our first dressage test in 2 years and it felt amazing! Despite my wrong diagonal (which I was a bit embarrassed about), I thought that we did very well. We ended up scoring a 76.5%, my highest ever dressage score! Prior to the test, we had been working on his right-bend, since he is more stiff that way, as well as him being more responsive/accepting of the aids. We have also been working on keeping my upper body vertical and hands together. Please judge what you can see from the videos; the video cut out, so the walking was missed, and they are poor quality because they were taken on my phone. Thank you!

Sylvester is a 1996 16.3 hh Oldenburg gelding.

And the Winner of this CWD Challenge is…

Riders here are your results from Karen McGoldrick:


Emma Green was my first entry, and as each new entry came along and was critiqued, I found that no one could top her. She paid close attention to the directions and showed me the exact pattern I asked for with good positioning and control of the exercise. What I would like to see improved in her leg yields was more impulsion and ground cover. Her first leg yield was better than the second in this regard. If you read her critique you will find an exercise I suggest to improve the thrust in the leg yield.
What was also lovely to see was the effect of a correctly ridden leg yield. All dressage exercises were created to make better riding horses, not so we could have something to take to a horse show. The trot quality of Emma’s horse became better due to the lateral suppling effect of the leg yield. This, coupled with the improved connection to the bit that leg yield creates from a yielding leg to the outside rein, is the main benefit of the exercise.
Congratulations to Emma, and keep up the good work.  -Karen Mcgoldrick


Congratulations Emma Green!  please e-mail us at to order your beautiful CWD Halter.  Many thanks to our generous sponsors at CWD and Grand Prix Dressage rider Karen McGoldrick for issuing this challenge.

Our next Challenge will be announced soon!

First Dressage Lesson


This is me during my first dressage lesson. I am 17 and have ridden and trained as a hunter/equitation rider for about 10 years but I recently decided to add dressage lessons to my riding schedule in hopes to improve my general skill with horses and make me a more well rounded rider. Ive only had one lesson thus far but I already love the discipline and can’t wait to expand my knowledge about it. In this picture I’m riding an 18 year old 16hh Trackhener gelding (schoolmaster) who is going to be teaching me the ropes haha. Please judge horse and rider. Any advice on how I can improve is much appreciated. Thank you!

Cheeky Schooling-Flat

Wow, been a long time since I posted!!

Anyway, here’s Cheeky and I schooling the trot during out flatwork the other day. He LOVES being ridden outside. What are your thoughts? As an eventer, I am mainly looking for thoughts on how he is going around. I threw my jump saddle on him this particular day, but this is how he’s been going around in my dressage saddle as well. (Also, I apologize for my chair seat in advance, I know it’s bad! My jump saddle is slightly too small for me now, and so Wala! Chair seat!)

Thank you so much!

~ Lyndsay




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Please share this wonderful event at local barns, tack stores and horse shows.

This is an extended online drive throughout April and May for donated items of good quality and condition that you can give to the Palmer Home program. The list is attached.

The Palmer Home for Children “is here to extend effective, healing help, so that hurting children can dare to hope, to dream, and to love again, all because caring friends have chosen to participate in Palmer Home’s growing outreach.” The Equestrian Program is an important part to help heal and give hope. It’s doing incredible things for the children and horses in their care and the local community.

E-mail us at for printable Flyers.

Thanks so much in advance.



2011 TB

2011 TB gelding, shot from Jan 2015.


Tonia and Clay: Progressing with the canter

I’m back with a short update to say that I have been really focusing on balance with our canter and in just one month Clay has come a long way. He is less on his forehand, carrying himself better, settling into a rhythm and relaxing more. Only when we have checked all those boxes do I send him straight and ask for a bit of extension. It’s working well and I am really pleased with how productive each ride has been lately and what a good-natured, try-his-heart-out pony he is. Anything you notice in these stills from a video of a recent ride that might help us continue in our momentum? I apologize that they aren’t the best photos…one of these days I’ll have someone with a good camera and a good eye photograph our ride…..As always, thanks so much for your clear advice!!
11150443_662489679672_7336748224580864113_n 11173314_662471685732_549302496154663313_n 10653434_662471660782_4357443253092894678_n 11136654_662471725652_5585518301561401178_n
Photo 1) 15m canter circle
Photo 2) Leg-yielding in and out on a circle
Photo 3) No-stirrups, working on following the trot with my seat
Photo 4) Canter (wish the photo wasn’t cut off like that but at least you can see his inside hind leg coming forward…)