April 24, 2014

Dressage at Twin Rivers

This is my horse and i at Twin Rivers. We got a 27.8! please judge horse and rider! Thank you!

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 9.38.24 AM



Lulu is an OTTB who has had 9 homes in five years.  She was rescued from a slaughter auction by a friend.  She proved to be a very difficult project, with severe aggression.  We have made very good progress in a year and a half.  This is a some work at liberty.  I was looking for someone with an experienced eye to comment on movement.

Thank You.


USEA Training B: Please Judge!

My mare and I at a dressage show this past weekend. Please critique! We want to improve :)


Helping riders realize their dreams

Hi Everyone!
It’s Noelle King, and for those of you who don’t know, I am the President of Judge My Ride. I thought I would share this interview again with Rob Gage and one of our long time members, Anna Easton.
It is first in a series of valuable interviews with a rider in pursuit of her equitation dreams, and how Judge My Ride’s Rob Gage has been mentoring her to ramp up the level of her riding to the serious level of skills and experience she will need to compete against the best.
It will give you insight into our outreach to help equestrians realize their goals and how our new Video conference calls will give you the kind of one on one access to riders and judges, who not only have won against the best themselves, but who have riders on the circuit as speak, who are among the top Grand Prix riders in the world, or top trainers/riders in the Hunter/Jumper realm. A favorite former student of Carol Dean Porter’s is the highly successful Grand Prix rider Mandy Porter. Rob Gage not only was one of the top 10 Grand Prix riders in the world for over a decade, he is well known as a coach whose students have won USET Medal finals and Young Riders championships.

The video clinics will be so much more in depth and interactive, where you are not just getting a taped response, or even just a written response, you are live on the phone talking about your horse and ride with USEF Judges, who also happen to have impressive credentials in the irons themselves. So we are very proud to bring you all this opportunity. Sometimes riders need a second opinion or reassurance from another perspective. Judge My Ride’s video conference experience allows you, your trainer, your parents or whomever else you would like to include on your call, the opportunity to listen in and ask questions.

Soon our popular Dressage Judge, Grand Prix dressage rider Karen McGoldrick and Western coach Kristen DeLibero will also be available for JMR conference call video clinics.

We are working hard to bring you new experiences on Judge My Ride and run contests with dream prizes. Tomorrow we will be announcing our new official Sponsors CWD,, and monthly challenges to “ride to win” CWD tack we will be running on JMR.

We appreciate you all so much and “you and your horses” will remain, as ever, “our favorite subject” on Judge My Ride.


Noelle L. King
Judge My Ride
“Our favorite subject is you and your horse”

Toffee- Second Level



Please Judge :)

Please Judge us :) Here is a better photo from my schooling ride at home, still need to work on his forward button and my lower leg.DSC_03613DSC_0396

Jake’s second grade 1

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 7.45.46 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 7.36.25 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 8.19.32 PM


I’ve been having a bit of an ‘up and down’ phase with Jake lately, he did his first elementary and had a tantrum for about 80% of the test, doing small rears and hops, I wasn’t impressed at all! He has been very worked up lately, but in the last couple of weeks he seems to have settled himself back down, although isn’t working as well as he usually does when he goes into a test. We have a new instructor who has been great for developing his canter and he’s working a million times better than he ever has at home, we’ve added a flash strap to his noseband and now he doesn’t ‘grab’ in the downwards transitions and sits a lot better, and he’s a lot more ‘through’ and connected at home and in the warmup. However, (I’ve attached photos), as soon as he gets into the test, he just comes above the bit and stiffens across the back and makes it quite hard to get the flow of the test. He’s still placing well in the highest level Pony Club now (4th overall in the championship on the weekend) however I think I am missing something as soon as I enter at A because everywhere else (including the warmup in the exact same type of ring next to the one he competes in), he works a lot better than he does in the actual test. Any ideas are very appreciated!

Also I just sold miss Piglet, we had our last competition together on Sunday and I attached a photo because she was the star of the day! :)

Thanks in advance :)


Please Judge



Please judge myself and my horse :) Had a lovely schooling ride at home, he is coming along nicely, very pleased with his progress

Ted and Wendy, Equine Affaire, Michael Barisone clinic

Hi, haven’t posted for awhile, but just attended Equine Affaire today and rode in a Michael Barisone clinic!! Ted was fantastic, he was the youngest in the clinic, being 4 and acted like a champ. Anyways here are some videos, of course he got me on my normal problems, not sitting up, putting my chin down, opening my hands, etc, enjoy, I’d love to hear your feedback!! FYI, Ted is the bald face horse! There are 4 other videos on my youtube channel of the clinic as well!!