December 19, 2014


We have had some time off, both of us (I’m in vet school). So judge us on our both being out of shape, haha.

Merry Christmas!



Ellie Update!


(Post from Dec 9:

Hi! This is Ellie, the Dutch Warmblood mare, again. Karen, I have been warming her up in hand and lunged her in side reins before riding yesterday. The in hand work has made a world of difference and I’m shocked (with happiness!) to see that she’s progressed and understood this so quickly. She is trusting my hand much more now. She still has a ways to go, but I am very pleased with what she is giving me right now!

How’s our dressage?


Could you please critique my horse and I’s dressage? We are at intro level right now. Making the transition from jumpers to eventing :) I know I need to look up more which will help me put my shoulders back. Thanks in advance!


Lady Flat

This is our work from last week, this side of the arena has a pretty significant slope, so I think she’s doing well. *She is wearing canvas boots on her from feet with reinforced toes (duct tape) because we’ve been having issues with her hooves, she’s on a supplement and topical keretin increaser so hopefully she’ll get better soon.* She is working in a neck stretcher because we’re warming up, not that I’m teaching her that low of a headset but as a gentle reminder to not bring her head all the way straight up before we work ( she would literally bring her neck up to an almost vertical position when we started giving me no control and making herself worked up) . She wasn’t trained properly before so she’s still trying to remember how to carry herself, she just galloped around and never learned how to get round, or that the bit would be anything except serious breaks. When I take it off for heavier work she brings her head up to a very nice position, just a little more horizontal in the head that she should be, but shes gradually learning. The second is working without the neck stretcher, we were on course so she was a little more ampy then usual and took a little more rein, but she let me hold a contact without complaining. She seems to have learned that me putting a little contact on isn’t life ending and she’s learning that when I ask she has to half halt and get into the bridle. We’ve been trying different exercises to help her learn how to get on the bit and listen to my leg and she seems to be slowly getting it.  Do you have any suggestions on exercises to try? It’s not her headset that I’m trying to correct since that will work out later on eventually, but more to get her to be on the bit and listening to what I do with my reins and my legs. She’s learning, but I want to make sure I teach her the right way. She’s finally totally over her health issues so we can really work! We are eventing hopefuls and she has proven herself to be a tank over jumps, but that tank need to chill out some in order to learn some dressage. Like I said, she was never trained to do anything be it bend, steer, hold contact, move forward or lengthen her gaits; just learned that when the gate opened she had to run

lady trot


Ellie Schooling!


This is Ellie, the 13 year old Dutch Warmblood mare that I ride. We hope to show first level next season as long as we can work our issues out. Ellie likes to come above the bit as a defense mechanism (past riders seesawed in her mouth) and I’ve been working on trying to get her to open up and round down for me. We work over ground poles and do a lot of stretchy work and she stretches down very well but when I pick up contact she goes straight above the bit. I send her forward and into a shoulder fore and she will soften for a second and then go straight back up above the bit. She is mainly like this at the walk and trot; she will round for me at the canter but I don’t have any pictures of it. Tips on getting her to go on the bit and work over her topline would be great

Wild Won Dressage outing Please critique horse


My Wild Won, aka Winston we redeemed ourselves quite a bit at this show, placing 2nd, and 5th in two very large divisions. Winston does is working through his struggles of thinking out and down, rather then sucking behind and behind my leg. Were getting better, but any advise is welcoming! Thanks! (also must add, the footing was horrid at this show, so poor baby found it really hard to keep balanced)


hi, this is my new project.she turned 3 this year and is a tb/paint mare.She was started under saddle 90 days ago and learns very quickly,she is really soft in the bridle and is already  collected  w/t/c  and starting leg yielding. Do you think she would do well in dressage? so far we have done 3 dressage  shows at Intro A and she has placed 1st place all three times.  10446515_901374953221612_3193601620619303560_n10431199_940288839330223_5064528015997591937_o     10636824_998649440160829_8629525738808237580_o

First dressage show

Hi! This is me and my trainer’s draft cross, Cassie. This is from my first dressage show at the end of October. I’ve only been in the dressage ring since July, I’d been riding and showing in the hunters for 10 years before that. Any advice and comments would be very much appreciated! Thank you!image

Transformation post

The top picture is from the day I tried my horse. He was very underweight and lacking muscle. The bottom is almost exactly a year and a half later. He is only doing flat work while I’m away at school. I’m wondering how you think he is progressing and other things I can work on with him. image

Please Judge!


This is my mare, Aria, and I. Just looking for some outside input! Half passes are a work in progress, the right ones are getting pretty good, left is still hard. Just started the tempis, I can get the 4′s but I have trouble with the timing of the 3′s, any tips?  Also, we are stating the pirouettes, any tips on begging those? The left one is actually easier, going right she likes to run out through my left leg. Thank you so much!!