July 13, 2014

Lucinda Intro B Video

Hi Karen, this is the video from my last post. My sister didn’t record the whole thing, so sorry about that!

Could I get a review on Lucy and I? We currently compete 3rd level dressage and just qualified for 3rd level championships. I’d appreciate some critique on my position and seat also on how Lucy looks. :-)


Lucinda Intro B

Hi! This is from our latest dressage show doing Intro B. I got first place with a score of 66% (I got first with a 63% last time). I’ve only posted a still from the video because I’m not sure if we’re allowed to post videos anymore…so anyways thanks!




imageHere is Snagglepuss, a 9-year old Hanoverian I’ve been working with for a few weeks. I’ve only been riding dressage for about a month after having a hunter/equitation background; I absolutely love it and am learning a lot! I competed in my first schooling show this weekend and was really happy with how everything went and hopefully will be riding in some USDF shows after more schooling. Here are a few snapshots of the test, the photographer focused more on getting the horse, so sorry if I’m cut out a little! Any critiques would be greatly appreciated! Thanks



Please Judge!

Please judge me and my 6 year old TB Apollo. We have been doing dressage for a little over a year, and did hunters before that. I’m still working on my position (keeping an even spine) especially at the posting trot. My position at the canter/sitting trot is much easier to maintain. Apollo is still figuring out keeping the contact and being connected, as am I. This is from today. Since he is such a tight-backed horse, I have been trying to keep him forward and deep(not easy for him) And doing lots of  lateral work in small increments. Thank you in advance for your critique/advice!DSC_0182DSC_0163DSC_0067

Learning to connect with my new horse

This is my new pony, Clay. He is a smart little Welsh cob/Morgan cross and I plan to show him in Dressage. Right now we are just getting to know each other and learning to connect and communicate. I am finding it challenging to keep him round and working through. He likes a VERY light contact on the reins and needs a very strong seat and core from his rider- both of which I am still developing…and therefore I think I rely too heavily on my hands to create a frame. I’d really appreciate any advice or exercises that will help me rely less on my hands and be able to achieve softness and self-carriage in Clay. I really want to ride this pony correctly- I think he is pretty special and could go far. Thank you!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.19.30 AM

Video of a recent lesson with a trainer who comes to teach me once a month: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S31MvJ2LWSc

First Level Test 2 – first go

This was my 7th ride on this horse and my first time competing First Level, so I am looking for critique from an outside source as to what I can improve. This photo was taken at a working trot.

hook houghton

Dial My Ride Update

Hi everyone,

Some of you have been asking about purchasing a Dial My Ride session privately. That is absolutely no problem.  Just make  a notation with your paypal order that you won’t be uploading your video to the Dial My Ride section, but will e-mail it to us instead when we confirm your appointment.  We are very excited about the response and can’t wait to hear from you privately, or on the Dial My Ride section here on judgemyride.net :)

Thanks so much,

Noelle King


Judge My Ride





Flat school at home, please judge horse and rider.

Please pardon our dress, we were not planning on pictures! This photo was from a flat schooling at home today and I’m looking for some feedback on both horse and rider. She is a 6 year old OTTB, and we are currently competing novice level Eventing.

In this photo, I believe I was working on riding squares, and would have been making my corner to turn across the middle.



Hope & Lily dressage video

Here is a video of Lily and I’s first prelim dressage test.  I know that we need to work on her engagement as well as my seat, and we did have that one jigging moment after the free walk. We have been trying to work through that. It’s not that she is tense, she just tends to anticipate the next movements. Any critiques and suggestions would be helpful:) Thank you!!