September 21, 2014

imageimageimageThis is me and my 13.2 hh gelding we are currently competing at 2nd level. He tends or get very tight in his body but has very nice floaty  gaits when he his relaxed. I’m looking for some exercises to work on during the winter to get him a more relaxed and supple place so to improve the overall quality and correctness of his gaits and also so  that we can make the jump to 3rd level soon . Thanks :)

Sidesaddle Dressage

Hi Karen!

This is my OTTB mare, More Secrets, schooling training level dressage aside with a dear friend, G. who has been riding english for 2 years, and sidesaddle for a few months.

Any comments you have would be greatly appreciated =)



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USPC C3 Rating

Wow, I haven’t posted in quite some time.. I suppose I’m long overdue (:

This is me on Deli, a horse I borrowed for the flatwork portion of my USPC C3 rating (which we passed with flying colors!). I had only ridden him a handful of times prior to this and I have a terrible habit of looking down, but would love your input- thanks!(:




Hi, this is me and my horse at King Oak this weekend. It was our second training, our other was at Millbrook. We got our second to best dressage score of a 30.5 (our best was a 29.6)! We went clean on both stadium and xcountry, although we did have some time penalties (although everybody did… we were 2nd fastest time). We ended up finishing in 2nd place. I was wondering if you could help me improve because I always know there is room for improvement. I would love any thoughts on the photo.


Superleggera 8/5/14

I would love some input  on how we are looking :) I’ve just recently started dressage as I have been getting into eventing, and this was my first time riding in a real dressage saddle (I know my upper body is a complete slouch pit, lol!). Thanks!! :)

bareback dressage

messing around with my horse today, please judge :) 10644858_10204681603021199_5526685514921219217_n

A little vacation dressage



This is me riding a friend’s warmblood x thoroughbred for the second time. Since it isn’t my horse, I would say just judge the rider, but if you have some tips about the horse, I could pass them on to the owner. I am an eventer (or try to be) and slmost never get the opportunity to ride in a dressage saddle. I know I should have my feet pointing forward. I’m wondering if I should have taken the stirrup leathers down a hole as well. I also see that my hands are too low and my elbows aren’t bent. I’ve only been riding for four years and I think my instructors have done a pretty good job with me, but I’m always looking for suggestions on how I can improve from wherever I can get them.

Help Please

My name is Lily and this is my horse Artie. These are from my ride this past weekend. He hadn’t really been ridden for two weeks and was fresh at the canter but pretty good at the trot. I was wondering how he is looking and what I can do when I’m home on break after he hasn’t been worked much. Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 8.04.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 8.11.01 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 8.15.09 PM

Training with my Dressage Prospect

I apologize if the photos are a little blurry, they are stills from a video. I posted a little while back from my first dressage show with Snagglepuss. Since then, I have spent the entire summer working on my position and riding as many different horses as possible. This horse here is my homebred Appendix gelding, Falen, whom has been only under-saddle for about a year and only ridden by myself. He is more of the nervous type and always anticipates movements and gets “stuck” when he doesn’t understand what I am asking. Recently he’s been flipping his head up and evading the bit, so I put a Myler gag with a port in order to keep his head low. He is extremely sensitive to the slightest movement of my seat and leg and he can get upset quickly and try to buck or run. But once he has a level-head and is relaxed into the bit, he is fantastic. I’ve begun schooling shoulder -ins, haunches-in, and leg yields which he’s taking to very quickly. I was wondering if you had any advice for both my position and tips on how to ride his type. Thanks!   IMG_0030 IMG_0029 IMG_0028