May 22, 2015

Show on AJ- 10/26/13

Had a show on AJ yesterday! We showed in the 2′ Hunter division, then did the 2′ EQ flat class (they thought no one was doing the 2′ EQ so they raised the jumps during the hunter flat class) so we did the 2’3″ EQ O/F class and the 2’3 hunter flat class. We trotted into almost everything since he was acting a bit odd that day (including bucking like a bronco during schooling before the show and getting me off) and I’m still working on getting complete control over his shoulder at the canter because if you let his should pop out either direction on the approach he will run out which is what happened when we tried to canter during our last hunter o/f class. The videos are uploading to YouTube now but here are some pictures from today. Please judge horse and rider.




From the videos I think I am still coming back into the saddle too early. Any tips to help fix this? Thanks!


  1. Noelle King says:

    Please remember to only post one photo at a time! thanks

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