May 30, 2015

Here’s some side pictures of me and my mare.




Heres a side photo of Blondie and I. I have a bad habit of throwing myself over the fence with her especially when I get her too close to the base of the jump. I’ve been trying to fix it and ive been taking lessons on her regularly to try and learn her stride. image


  1. Robert Gage says:

    In the center photo, she really hung her left knee down, and in the bottom photo…her right knee!
    The funny thing about you, is that you don’t look the same in any of these photos. Your horse needs to depend on your position for her own balance. I like what you look like in the top photo. I hate your breakover in the center photo, over the oxer. It’s a real talent to “look the same” even when you KNOW you didn’t get the exact distance you hoped for. What was with that “new release” in the bottom photo? Find a release you like and stick with it. In that top photo, your stirrups look pretty long for jumping.

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