July 5, 2015

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    Lauren Culver and Limited Edition

February 21, 2013

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How does the SmartPak premium evaluation differ from the basic free evaluation offered on Judgemyride.net? The SmartPak premium evaluation is far more extensive, so be sure to read the details below!

What makes the evaluation premium?
No matter whether you chose to submit a photo or a video, not one, but two judges will go more in depth evaluating the following, where applicable:

  • Horses Movement on the flat video* or photo
  • Riders equitation on the flat
  • Riders equitation over fences
  • If jumping video* or photo, evaluation of the horses jumping abilities and form and the riders technique
  • Conformation evaluation – all disciplines and breeds (including how the horses conformation may affect it’s potential in the chosen discipline)
  • For young prospect horses- movement evaluation, conformation evaluation, and free Jump evaluation with suggestions for maximizing the horses’ jumping potential
  • Tack and equipment suggestions if necessary

You may post every time we make the announcement on our wall, however we ask each participant to limit their video and photo submissions for evaluations to one photo and one video per person, per day.

*Video submissions cannot be more than 5 minutes

2 20 13 JMR-Lauren-Culver-and-Limit

Lauren Culver and Limited Edition

From: Judge Carol Dean-Porter

This horse considers the 2’9″ oxer to be pretty small for him, so he demonstrates he wants to jump higher!

He is very good with his legs but restricted with his face. You can see that his face is vertical instead of nose stretched out a bit. His expression is worried.

I believe this is mostly due to Lauren’s very short release, restricting him. Her hands are back just under her chest instead of about even with her face. Her lower leg has slipped back as her heel came up. I am a little concerned that she will snap back up on the landing side of the jump instead of following his motion all the way to the landing.

Lauren’s saddle has slipped back substantially, which also handicaps her ability to stay over his center of balance. It is difficult to get a fuzzy girth quite tight enough. Always remember to check your saddle placement and girth tightness prior to walking into the ring. Lauren might like to try a non slip girth and/or saddle pad.

Limited Edition is beautifully turned out as is Lauren!

From: Judge Rob Gage

This looks like a hunter photo. Just remember as I go through this…I can get “kind of picky”.

Let’s start with your horse. He really uses his knees well. He gets them up as much as you could ask. I wish he would fold his lower legs tighter. From his knees on down, he formed a big square with his forelegs. I would like to see him fold up tighter at the knees & ankles. However, some horse just don’t feel the need to fold tigher, until the jumps get higher, and become more of a challenge.

I get the feeling he would like to stretch his head & neck out more. I want you to look where your hands are. They are just about under your collarbone, and about over the front of the horse’s withers. That’s just not enough release for a good hunter. In my opinion, you were restricting the use of his head & neck over this oxer.

This is at least an easy fix for you. Simply start your release a little sooner, and reach up his mane a little further. Ideally, your hands should start moving forward, at the exact same moment your horse begins to lift his front feet off of the ground. Finally, your heels came up some, which allowed your foot to slide backwards.

Try to keep some weight down all the way through your heels. But, let’s be honest…that really only matters in equitation or medal classes…for hunters, it’s inconsequential. Thanks for your photo. I think your horse has more ability than he can show at this height.



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