July 4, 2015

In Hand Trail Class

Oreo and I had never done an in-hand trail class till this show! It was super fun and I am very proud of Oreo who walked over this tarp like a pro, when he normally finds them scary :)

Anyways, was wondering how best to preform in an in-hand trail class. Judge told me that each obsicale is judged on its own.

Oh, Oreo and I got 2nd place in this class :)



  1. How fun!! I love in hand trail class and it is a blast. Great job on the tarp and placing so well. That is great!!!

    When trail is judged you have a specific maneuver for each obstacle as well as your path to the obstacle, such as jog to the box. You are judged on each individual movement and obstacle. That way each maneuver is really its own so if you have a bad obstacle, say a gate, it doesn’t blow the whole course just that obstacle. I won’t go into the entire process, but you can earn points for doing the obstacle really well, a horse with more expression, a look at the pole with the horses neck, etc. Then you can lose points at each obstacle most common is ticking poles. I suggest downloading the AQHA rule book and setting up the specified obstacles with measurements and learn the trail portion. I use the measurements from there a lot.

    Keep doing the trail I love seeing it, and it is so great for building your horses confidence in themselves.

  2. I didn’t know you lost points for ticking the poles! I guess that’s the one Oreo and I didn’t score as well on…he always trips over them, even though his job as a therapy pony requires him to go over ground poles 4 days a week. He’s such a clutz :P

    Thanks! The judge wanted me to do the trail class under saddle (he really liked Oreo and I) but Oreo was very tired and I didn’t have the heart to saddle him up once again when he had performed so well all day. :) Maybe next show :)

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